June thoughts in Vermont

Dear Vermont,

Thank you for giving me a home.  A home for my heart.  A home for my soul.  A home for my tears.  A home of freedom.

Gratitude fills me as I let go in my safe place, in my place of healing, in my place of acceptance.

Tears.  Tears.  Tears.  Sadness drains through my tears.  Letting go of everything I’ve had to hold in for too long.  Finally allowed to grieve in quiet solitude.  Tears.  Tears.  Tears.  Flow steadily.  R E L E A S E  of too too too much for one soul to hold on to.  Freedom fills me.

The place where I’m my best me.  My strongest me.  My truest me.  My freest me.  The place where I don’t care about what anyone thinks.  The place I connect with everything that I am.  The best me.

I am grateful for this time.  To let go.  To grieve.  To find clarity.  To receive comfort.

Thank you for your gifts and allowing me freedom…. to simply be.




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