New Beginnings

So many new beginnings during a lifetime: location, jobs, interests, people, issues.  The list grows as the years pass, and seedlings grow; some flourish and some wither away.  This is my space to write about my personal stories, my ever-flowing thoughts, my perspectives about life and living.

I am so many things, so many labels: mother, teacher, friend, daughter, sister.  Those are the typical ones, and the ones with so many layers and stories.  The off-colored ones are my favorites; the ones I have created through my chosen journeys, my many stumbles, my flying high jumps into the unknown, and my simple put one foot in front of the other walks.  All of these labels are me and bring about my musings.  Tune in or tune out, but I would love some positive company along this crazy life journey of mine.


6 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. I have always found that much can be gained from the exchange of stories. Some of the best parenting/teaching/life in general advice came from conversations over coffee or wine !! Or a whole box of Cheezits … I look forward to reading your blog, Amy ! Literally, thanks for sharing !


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